Advance praise for For the Love of Fireworks

There is truth in that old fireworks saying, “He who hath once smelt the smoke, is ne’er again free.” This book captures the history, color, ingenuity, passion, and pageantry that remain part of our lives today as much as they were upon the first discovery that fire could be shaped to match our dreams.

– Joseph “Dr. Pyro” Domanico, designer of fireworks, and student of and lecturer on pyrotechnics to amateurs and professionals for over 40 years.

From its Greek roots, “pyrotechnics” can be taken to mean both “the science of fire” and “the art of fire.” This book fittingly reflects both, as it and the programmable light sculpture for which it is helping to raise funds honor the renowned pyrotechnicians Dr. Joseph McLain and Dr. John Conkling, who mastered both the scientific and artistic aspects of the craft.

-Chris Mocella, co-author of “Chemistry of Pyrotechnics: Basic Principles and Theory” (2nd ed.).

With this book Lynn McLain captures the awe and amazement with which we experience fireworks, no matter whether as young children or as great scientists.

-Stephen Frohock, retired CEO of F & F Fine Wines, International, student of Tenney L. Davis and Col. Walter J. Ungethuem, and lifetime experimenter in pyrotechnics.

This fascinating book answers all those questions on the art and history of fireworks that come to mind when we watch the sky become illuminated in a pyrotechnic display. It should have wide appeal to non-scientists and scientists alike.

-Frank J. Creegan, W Alton Jones Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, at Washington College.

Reviews from confirmed purchasers:

Great book for the whole family! For the Love of Fireworks is a light and fun look at the history of fireworks and some of the lesser known facts about them. Many ‘did you know’ type conversation starters, a great idea for any group gathering. — Ann D.

For the Love of Fireworks

For the Love of Fireworks